Download Problems?

If you are having problems hearing music or watching video by simply clicking on the link, try one of these methods:

  1. Run QuickTime Player. In the File menu select Open URL in New Player. Type in the URL of the music or video you want to access and click OK. QuickTime is sometimes better at pre-buffering things than some other media players. Here are some of our URLs you can copy/paste into the Open URL popup window:

  2. Instead of left-clicking on the music/video link, right-click on it. In the popup menu select Download Link To Disk or Save Link Target As (or whatever your browser offers). Save the file somewhere on your disk and then double click on it or open it with QuickTime Player (or your favorite application).
  3. Get a better Internet Service Provider or a faster Internet connection.
    If you are in Germany you should talk to carpeNet! ;-)


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